Bill C-6 Now Making Canadian Citizenship Easier

Jun 21st 2017 1 Comments
Canadian citizenship

Pathway to Canadian Citizenship Smoother With Bill C-6

A new act that makes amendments to the Citizenship Act of Canada has been made part of the law. This means that immigrants with permanent residency can now apply for citizenship a lot sooner than they could before. The law was passed on June 19th this year, but some parts of the legislation will not be in operation until later in the year or even the start of next year. Changes that have already come into effect include people who hold dual citizenship that have terrorism or spying offences will now not have their Canadian citizenship revoked automatically but will have to face the justice system in Canada. This applies even if they were part of an organised group or national armed force that was fighting Canada. Another change is that immigrants who have been granted citizenship of Canada no longer need to actually live in Canada, which is useful for people who want to work in another country or move back to their country of origin to look after family members. Minors are now able to apply for Canadian citizenship without having to have a Canadian born parent, whoever is legally allowed to look after the minor can apply on their behalf.

Stateless People Can be Given Citizenship

If a person is considered stateless then the Canadian Minister of Immigration, Ahmed Hussen can give people citizenship at his discretion. Applicants also have to live in Canada for a minimum of three out of a total of five years before they are able to apply for Canadian citizenship. In addition, they must pay income tax in Canada for the same period of time. The language requirements have now only to be met by those immigrants aged between 18-54.

Another change to the law is that if an application is suspected to include fraudulent information, then Canadian Citizenship officers are fully authorised to seize any fraudulent or suspected as being fraudulent documents. There are other changes to the process of becoming a Canadian citizen as opposed to just having permanent residency, but Canadian visa reviews has published the ones that we feel are particularly pertinent to people wanting Canadian citizenship.



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